YFT 070: BJ in the PJ

This week on YFT, Brandi calls in from her cruise across America with Miley and Tish the Dish, and Wells is back in California after co-hosting E!’s "Countdown to the Red Carpet" where he quickly realized he knows nothing about fashion. Wells flew home from iHeart Fest in what he thought would be a private jet but what turned out to be a propeller plane where passengers included none other than James Van Der Beek. It’s really too bad it wasn’t an actual private jet and Sarah wasn’t there because he could’ve gotten a BJ on the PJ. Miley insisted on going on a Cyrus girls' trip and, just like Wells, didn’t get the transportation she was expecting because Tish the Dish went behind her back and booked a Tahoe in place of Miley’s Cruise America dream RV. Wells and Brandi debate the pros and cons of Southwest, general airport etiquette, and why not to buckle your backpack across your chest (because.... fashion). By the way, happy two-year anniversary of Wells and Sarah’s first kiss... suh-cute!!

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Nadine Robinson