YFT 069: Hannah and Dylan ring in!

This week on YFT, Hannah and Dylan (the hottest couple on Earth) join Brandi and Wells for their first podcast interview as an engaged couple... suh-cute!! But first, Brandi has been home in Nashville “doing horses” for the past couple of weeks, while Wells and Sarah attended the Dancing with the Stars live taping and got to witness Dawson (aka James Van Der Beek) still dancing on that creek. Wells breaks down the stiff competition this season and reveals who looked like a pirate going to a rave who didn't know how to dance. The two hosts discuss the Bachelor in Paradise reunion which Wells wasn’t able to watch because he was hiding in a cake, and debate which scenario is worse: hot food that burns your mouth or toasted bread that absolutely shreds it. Newly engaged couple Hannah and Dylan (Ding! Ding! Ding!) join Wells and Brandi virtually, which is probably for the best since Dylan is having a horrible hair day. Dylan and Hannah share potential Halloween costumes, the current status of their relationship, and what went down in the Boom Boom Room.

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Nadine Robinson