YFT 072: Two Fingers Are Better Than One

This week on YFT, Brandi is back from Honduras and settling into parenthood with her new pup, Astra, who has to pee as often as an old person. Wells is a bit jealous he wasn’t invited by Ben Higgins on the Honduras trip, but more understanding when he finds out the trip was full of manual labor, which he is definitely not accustomed to. Things are going ok for him, however, as he's now pretty much Elon Musk's special advisor, and is using his newfound brilliance to suggest candidates for president who will bring some much need shiplap and subway tiles to the White House. Also this week, Brandi tells the story of how Blake Horstmann got locked out of her Nashville home and was caught on her security cams in the process, Wells reads some sexy literary passages in grandparent voices that will make you never want to see a naked body ever again, and Brandi advises that two fingers are of course better than one. We also tell you who is winning the Bachelor Nation fantasy football pool "The Fantasy Suite", give you tips on how to poop in the woods, and have lots of favorite things to share. Enjoy!

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Nadine Robinson